I’ve always had a passion for all types of digital media, and while I was attending Greenville College I had the opportunity to explore 5 different areas of digital media: Graphic Design, Web Development,Photography and Video, Audio Engineering, and Animation.  Developing websites has become my biggest passion, but having a foundation in all 5 area’s gives me the ability to do pretty much anything related to modern day marketing techniques.

I have many other hobbies outside of digital media.  According to the Clifton Strengths Finder test, Competition is my number one strength.  One thing that I enjoy most is cheering for every Chicago sports team out there (yes that includes the Cubs… this is definitely their year).  I’ve also become a highly skilled table tennis player and if you can beat me than we can discuss a discounted rate on your next project.  Other than that, I always enjoy a nice bowl of popcorn and watching a movie with my beautiful wife Brittany.